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Receiver: Teesside
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Receiver image
***NEW: East Cheshire Receiver Coming Soon***

29/04/22 - Multiscan aerial back in use, indoors mounted to east facing upstairs window. Signal now improved. Image:

This receiver is located in Billingham, a small town just north of Middlesbrough and Stockton-on-Tees in the Teesside conurbation of North East England. This receiver is connected to a multiscan antenna on a 4m pole in the garden (see picture), antenna height is just over 30+ metres. I am using an RSP1A SDR device.

**Check the bandguides for local frequencies**

When listening to the airband please ensure AGC and NB are both turned on.

DAB Scanner located at the same site as this tuner:

If you enjoy this receiver, please consider a donation, as this will help towards getting new receivers online across different areas of the country as well as maintaining receivers currently available:

Enjoy the receiver
- Jack (
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