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Receiver: FM-DX Aitoo
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Receiver image
Irregularly online. Connected yagi is either vertical or horizontal.
Currently connected FM yagi is horizontal one. AM band with long wire.

If frequency display stops responding and you get "Tune: unknown error (ERR_Unknown)" messages, try changing display state by clicking TEXT (DISP) button. It may help.

Update - May 2017: I am really sorry for your tuning problems here. I am not aware what is causing all this and I cannot do anyhing about it atm. Despite the display isn't follwing the tuning all the time, the positive fact is it still tunes to your given frequencies. It's annoying you can't trust the shown frequency info on the display though. Also, what it comes to RDS, you can't trust it either. RDS is completely malfunctioning! I have no idea what is causing this and I have no time to find out. Hopefully I can solve the problems later. Please be patient.
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