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Message from gregoryfenton at Monday, 08-Jun-15 10:38:05 GMT
Hi all
I am in the process of setting up my server (just waiting GT admin actions).

I am running Ubuntu with a RTL-SDR USB dongle.

The install software wants to force all audio via a loopback device which means nothing else can play audio to my speakers.

I have a fix - install pavucontrol which allows you to divert any software playing audio to any audio device.
Simply start pavucontrol, click on the Playback tab, look for the app playing audio (in my case Chromium).
Choose the device you wish to play audio through (in my case "Cape Verdi/Pitcairn HDMI Audio) and you will hear audio again.

I hope that helps somebody, I couldn't find anything online when I googled globaltuners "pavucontrol".

Happy DXing

Message from Ivo at Tuesday, 09-Jun-15 17:59:12 GMT
Hi Greg,

Our software does not require the use of audio loopback for most receivers, and when using the RTL SDR, it does in fact not use the soundcard at all (simply because we don't need it).

What Chromium (or any other browser) does with the audio when you listen to a receiver is, unfortunately, outside of our control. In this case I'm sure pavucontrol can be useful to some Linux users!


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