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Message from katy at Friday, 04-Mar-16 19:27:43 GMT

Does anyone have a working download link for SDR# version 1337 please?

Or, can anyone email me a zip version of SDR# version 1337 please?


Message from TheGiant at Wednesday, 23-Mar-16 12:59:09 GMT
I'm looking for it as well. Even a Google search hasn't been much help.

Last edited by TheGiant at Wednesday, 23-Mar-16 13:00:57 UTC
Message from EGPF-41 at Wednesday, 23-Mar-16 14:26:44 GMT
Hi Giant, Try this link from my Dropbox

Message from TheGiant at Wednesday, 23-Mar-16 14:47:28 GMT
Saved it to my dropbox as well.

Looks like I'm connected, now just gotta wait to be added.


(hey figured I should sign it this time lol)

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