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Message from nycradio at Wednesday, 28-Mar-18 13:15:54 GMT
Help add New Airspy Plus radio receiver(Need to raise $215.00) here at my Globaltuners node by making a donation from the PayPal URL. Thanks.
Message from nycradio at Wednesday, 28-Mar-18 13:25:34 GMT

More info about the Airplus HF Plus Receiver can be found here...
Message from robertr64 at Wednesday, 28-Mar-18 13:58:32 GMT
Donated $25; we've had good luck testing this receiver on SdrConsole, so should be OK with GT.
Message from nycradio at Wednesday, 28-Mar-18 16:29:54 GMT
Message from nycradio at Sunday, 01-Apr-18 01:44:49 GMT
I know everone enjoys my New York Nodes now is the time to show your appreciation by making a donation to bring a great radio receiver come to Globaltuners that is the AirSpy HF Plus radio receiver. Please donation today use the link below. Thanks.
Message from M6DKG at Tuesday, 24-Apr-18 11:01:40 GMT
How's the fundraising going Dave? Also any plans to bring back the HD radio node?
Message from nycradio at Wednesday, 25-Apr-18 01:04:15 GMT

Yes will be moving soon but will bring back the Sony HD will need to re-program it so its can be available once again at Globaltuners. I have collected some donation but need more to purchase new addition to my New York City nodes. I-Com R-8500 is coming back soon. Had some problems with SDR Play 2 software so pulled off until i can get new software there. Did add a new Smart SDR node recently. Here's the link once again for donations...Thanks.

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