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Message from GKV at Sunday, 22-Apr-18 19:08:42 GMT
Been listening to Paris ATC: why do they say "callsign only"?
Thanks in advance.
Message from druid at Tuesday, 01-May-18 13:32:38 GMT
All other information the controller needs has been passed internally so all the aircraft needs to do is pass their callsign.
The next controller can then quickly identify it on screen without listening to extra data such as altitude, heading, range, speed
Message from estacionc30 at Thursday, 03-May-18 13:33:57 GMT
Please, is there a simple tutorial or manual in order to setup the Globaltuners settings and ports on a router to reduce the delay?

Message from druid at Friday, 04-May-18 07:41:16 GMT
estacionc30 - that would be better asked in the 'crew' channel but typically your router should not have a big impact on performance. The details page for your receiver says it is a PCR1000 but you also say you are using a Raspberry Pi2?

Though people use Raspberry Pi 'computers' on here they should really be considered a last resort and a Pi2 is not really suited to the processing required here.

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