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Message from ka3jjz at Wednesday, 25-Aug-21 01:49:09 GMT
I have a distinct feeling that this will get squelched quickly but here goes - the wiki on this site is VERY badly out of date. I know that someone had intended to update it but unfortunately it never happened.

There is a public wiki that only requires a free userID and password and has TONS of information on a host of topics from MW (AM) on. You can find it starting here - there are currently over 10000 pages (yes you read that right) here...

If I were to assemble a list of links to specific pages, would someone be able to insert them into the wiki (or I could, assuming I could get the rights and knew the language this wiki uses)?

And just as an aside - if you want a site devoted to Utilities, look no further than

Anything else truly pales in comparison

Message from ka3jjz at Wednesday, 25-Aug-21 02:22:53 GMT
Alternately we could put a gateway together to which you can point. Here's an example of one created for the UDXF

Message from a29afa2013d8008a at Friday, 05-Apr-24 02:07:13 GMT
Can someone please update the Wiki and fix the Global Frequency Database?

As I understand it, the website is slowly getting out of date and will eventually shut down due to lack of proper site maintenance.

Is there an option to temporarily take control of the GlobalTuners website and fix the Global Frequency Database?

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