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Message from DOCTORWHO at Wednesday, 16-Sep-09 03:20:40 GMT
I found a program mmstv, to receive slow scan pictures sent by stations.

I have no idea how to integrate this program with the remote receivers to show the sstv transmissions. Anyone know how to do this.


Message from gypsy at Wednesday, 16-Sep-09 04:54:40 GMT
Tune to a frequency sending sstv pictures, say 14.230 usb, run your mmstv programme, you should be able to decode the signals.
There are many modes on which sstv is transmitted, so it is better to select "auto mode" on your mmstv programe.
There is absolutely no need of integrating the programe with the receivers.
There is another mode of SSTV and that is the Digital SSTV.
Digital sstv pictures are digital and 100 times better than analogue sstv pictures.

To decode digital sstv pictures, you have to download Easy Pal August 28 version,software, which is free from the internet.
After you download easy pal software you will have to configure it by going to "SET UP" in the easy pal programe, under set up you will find
"RX IN PUT" in rx input you select STEREO MIX" and set the stereo mix slider to a level which is slightly over the minimum level.
If you need further help let us know, you will find us on the cleveland rx, or albany rx, receiving digital sstv from around 12.30 utc.


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