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Message from vitesse at Thursday, 29-Apr-10 21:31:31 GMT
To date two node are configured to decode DRM broadcast, Saint-jean HF, Canada, using only software trick and Rovigo, Italy using hardware downconverter. You can listen to DRM signal with nodes alternative audio stream.

DRM schedule can be found here.

Here 3 screen taken from decoding software used to decode the DRM signal. Both node are using Dream 1.6.1cvs for windows, but the screen shot have been taken with dream 1.1.7cvs (by mistake)

first one is the main screen of the program where you can see audio codec, station name and song played.

Second one is the input psd screen where you can see the RAW signal input

The last one is the SNR history from past 15 minutes
Message from de9man at Thursday, 29-Apr-10 23:46:43 GMT
drm software

i would like to download any free of cost drm software. who can help me or can send me any free of charges drm software via e-mail?

thanx in advance and good bye with best regards.

yours sincerely de9man from germany
Message from gypsy at Friday, 30-Apr-10 07:06:13 GMT
Hi de9man.
I got Dream software for DRM with me, if you would like I could mail it to you.
I have never tried it though.
Message from vitesse at Saturday, 01-May-10 13:34:10 GMT
here dream 1.6.1 cvs (To my knowledge this is the latest compiled version for windows)

Dream software is free and open source, but the compiled version is not compliant with GNU license so it's not technically possible for them to distribute it. this is why it's so hard to find it.

Edit, this is a auto-execute rar compressed file.

Last edited by vitesse at Saturday, 01-May-10 14:59:26 UTC
Message from de9man at Saturday, 01-May-10 15:45:48 GMT
Subject: dream 1.6.1

Dear Vitesse, Hi, thank you very much for your kind help for the drm software. now i have this software but i don´t know how can this functions with tec-tec rx 320-d. what can i do to start my radio with drm-listening? and to share drm-reception with gt-community?

please help me kindly. have a nice hollyday and happy weekend. good bye with best regards.

sudi / de9man from germany
Message from vitesse at Saturday, 01-May-10 19:49:37 GMT
Two possible option to my limited knowledge. Receiving it using lsb 50khz 10khz over the native frequency (I use that trick with my icom until I buy a downconverter) and use virtual audio cable to decode the drm signal

Using a downconverter. Imply soldering a downconverter to the if stage of the radio (455khz). then plug the downconverter output to a soundcard line in.

I think you must use a hardware downconverter with rx-320d (between 30-50 euro investment) + a second sound card.

Message from de9man at Saturday, 01-May-10 20:37:36 GMT
dear vitesse, thank you very much for this guidance. i was very surprisung that why your software is not working. now i knows about the conditions which i didin´t known. thanx again and bye
Message from vitesse at Thursday, 20-Oct-11 20:31:44 GMT
fond a new version of DReam Decoder if anyone interested. this is pre compiled version for windows:

DReam 1.12b CVS, at the bottom of the page

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