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Receiver: Crema 2 - 0-2 GHz All Mode in JN45UI
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- Welcome on Crema receivers system made by 2 Icom IC-R8500 ( Crema is located 35 Km (20 Miles) South-East from Milano, the most crowded area in Italy.

- This is not a simple online receiver, this is a setup of multi receivers and multi antennas system, check this:
It costs thousands of € and a LOT of hours for setup and maintenance.
It's one of the very few online receiver with good short wave performance.
All this is for FREE, so use this system properly, do not camp on it and watch the monitor.


- Technical tips: set squelch to MINIMUM to eliminate background noise when there are no communications (set it usually around 25%), NO MORE in order not to eliminate signals.
Signal meter: 50% is S9 or 50uV or -73dBm, 100% is S9+70 or 0dBm. It's quite accurate.
- NEVER USE ATT (Attenuator), this decrease receiver sensitivity. Use ATT ONLY for very strong signals in Medium Wave.
- ONLY on MW (Medium Wave 500-1800 KHz) this receiver has an attenuation of about 30 dB vs Crema 1. If you want to receive from 500 to 1800 KHz use Crema 1.

- This system is part of an active Amateur Radio station (See: so time to time it can suffer of interferences.

- SysOp Marco IK2CHZ can change frequency without warning.

- More info on: and - For any problem or question contact me on: or WA text at +393385030559

- Enjoy listening. Marco IK2CHZ - K2CHZ

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