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Receiver: Crema - 0-2 GHz All Mode in JN45UI
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Receiver image
This receiver is located right in the center of Padana plain. It is a strategic location, only 30 km south/east from Milano, the most crowded area of Italy and close to big airports (Milano Linate, Milano Malpensa, Bergamo, Piacenza and others). It means a lot of signals (aero, ham and a lot of other services on HF, VHF and up). Cons: it is in six-story palace in the city center so it suffers of some man made electrical noise on HF.
It has real time audio if you have the player installed.
It is ON from 07 GMT to 23 GMT but on request can be ON H24, contact IK2CHZ Marco.
SysOp (IK2CHZ Marco) can change frequency without warning.
This receiver is part of a very active Ham Station, in order to avoid overloading/damage this RX can be switched off without any warning.

Scroll down for instructions in English.


Benvenuto sul nodo Crema (30 km est Milano JN45UI).
Alcune informazioni importanti:
1-Tenere in servizio questo sistema costa il MIO tempo e il MIO denaro. Il ricevitore e' di primissima qualita' e le antenne efficenti. Per questi motivi saranno ESCLUSI gli utenti che non forniscono nome e locazione reale o che sintonizzano frequenze di emissioni non autorizzate (ad es. 6,6 MHz LSB).
Se non si e' d'accordo con questa politica l'utente e' invitato a non frequentare questo ricevitore.

2-Per avere l'audio in tempo reale e' necessario installare un Active-X per il controllo di Unreal Audio. Se e' installato ci saranno dei tasti di controllo sotto la finestra di chat locale. Se non e' installatoci sara' una banda nera e l'audio avra' un ritardo di circa 8-10 sec.
3-Se quando ti connetti trovi un altro utente gia' connesso chiedi nella chat locale il permesso prima di sintonizzare. Se non risponde entro 2 minuti sintonizza.
4-Presta sempre attenzione alla finestra di chat locale e rispondi alle richieste degli altri utenti.

Grazie e buon divertimento!
Per info:

Welcome on node Crema (30 km east of Milan, Italy).
Some important instructions:
1-To keep in good service this receiver costs MY money and MY time. The receiver is excellent and antennas are good. For this reasons I don't like anonymous users or tuning out of law frequency (e. g. 6,6 MHz LSB). If you are not agree with this policy please change receiver.
2-In order to have real audio you must install an Active-X to control Unreal Audio. If it is installed you will see control buttons under the local chat window, if not you will see a black stripe.
3-When you connect this node and you find another user already connected ask in the local chat to tune. If you do not have any answer into 2 minutes tune.
4-Pay attention to the local chat window and answer to other users.

For more info:

Enjoy listening! 73, Marco IK2CHZ - K2CHZ

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