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Receiver: Leicestershire - East Midlands
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***This receiver is set to auto-reboot every morning at 3am, if you are using it and it goes offline it should return within 10 minutes or so***

***NEW: East Cheshire Receiver Coming Soon***

This receiver is located on a mast on a 225m hill in the Harborough District, about 11 miles east of Leicester City Centre, and is at the highest point in East Leicestershire. The tuner is an SDR Play RSP1A. East Midlands air traffic can be clearly heard and FM broadcast is possible from Leicester, Peterborough, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and further afield from the West Midlands, East Anglia and Yorkshire. Bandguides are populated with frequencies, but if you receive anything not currently listed, please feel free to add it.

When listening to the airband please ensure AGC and NB are both turned on.

23 miles from EMA, but with line of sight due to height of receiver.

If you enjoy this receiver, please consider a donation, as this will help towards getting new receivers online across different areas of the country as well as maintaining receivers currently available:

Enjoy the receiver
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