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Frequently asked questions


  • What is GlobalTuners?
    We're still looking for a short and clear answer to this question. Basically GlobalTuners provides everything needed to make radio receivers available to others over the internet. GlobalTuners provides the website and all software, the 'site operators' provide the actual receivers and share them with the world.
  • Why do I have to register?
    We need some kind of identity to communicate with you, deal with support tickets, identify people on the forums, ban abusers, etc...
  • Why do you want my personal information?
    Most of the information is optional. It's up to you to share it with the world. We may use it for statistical purposes out of personal interest, but that's all.
  • Is my personal information visible to the public?
    Most of the information is visible to the public, we will, however, never show your e-mail address.

Using the receivers

  • Flash/my browser keeps crashing!
    This happens a lot and seems to be a problem in the Flash plugin. Some users have reported that reinstalling the flash plugin, installing an older version of the flash plugin or even removing Windows XP Service pack 3 solves the problem. The best alternative currently available is to use the JavaScript interface, then select "Videolan Media Player" or "Windows Media Player" before you click connect.
  • The receiver is locked to ... users?
    This simply means that only users of the specified user level can control the receiver. When it says 'Locked to normal users' it basically means that new or 'trial' users can not use the receiver - effectively preventing any (accidental) abuse of the system by new users.
  • I'm new here and can't use any receivers
    During the first two weeks after you have created your account, you will have limited access to the receivers. You can use nearly all receivers, provided that no one else is using it. You can easily find free receivers by selecting the 'Free only' box in the receiver list. This is an effective measure to prevent (accidental) abuse of the system by not users and provide a safe environment to get to know the system - it's not because we don't like you!
  • I don't hear anything?
    On most receivers, you will have to click a button to start the audio. Look for a button with a triangle 'play' icon. If you still don't hear anything, you may have to set the Squelch to 0%, or there might me nothing to hear on that particular frequency.
  • Classic, Modern and JavaScript interfaces?
    There are currently three different interfaces available to control the receivers, each one having it's advantages and disadvantages. The Classic interface is the one used in the days of DXTuners, it's simple but may not be available on all receivers. The Modern interface is a more attriactive interface, which supports the latest features of our website. The JavaScript interface looks very simple, can be used from behind nearly any firewall, supports the latest features and is often used to test new technologies.
  • JavaScript interface options
    The JavaScript interface offers a few additional options (before you click the Connect button). You can select a 'communication interface' and an audio player. The Flash communication interface is the fastest one, but may be blocked by your firewall and needs the Flash player to be installed. The alternative Flash (use relay) option forces all traffic to go to the GlobalTuners server. The Ajax and Comet interfaces use different HTML/JavaScript techniques to communicate with GlobalTuners, these interfaces can work through any firewall but are slightly slower. The Flash audio player works most of the time, but some people report frequent browser crashes when using this player. Windows Media Player will work in Internet Explorer, for FireFox a plugin needs to be installed. Windows Media Player may not properly play the High quality stream. Videolan media player needs a plugin to be installed and may only work in FireFox.

My account

  • I've lost my password.
    You can use the "Lost password" link in the upper right corner to request a new password. We can not give you your current password because it is encrypted in our database.
  • I've lost my username.
    Please send an e-mail message to and mention the e-mail address you've used to register.
  • How can I change my account information?
    You can change your account information by clicking the "My account" link in the upper right corner. You can leave the password fields empty to keep your current password.
  • How can I change my password?
    You can change your password by clicking the "My account" link in the upper right corner. Make sure to enter the same password twice before you click Save.
  • How can I change my username and e-mail address?
    Create a support ticket by clicking "Support" in the Main menu to request the change.
  • How can I delete my account?
    Create a support ticket by clicking "Support" in the Main menu. Your account information will be in our database for at least one week after we process your request.
  • What is this "Receiver locked to Guest/Normal users" message?
    As an effective measure against (accidental) abuse of our system, we have introduced a few limitations for new users. One of these limitations is that new users can not tune the receivers as long as a "more experienced" user is active. This message indicates who can currently tune the receiver.
  • Why am I a trial/guest user and how can I upgrade my account?
    We have introduced the trial membership as an effective measure against (accidental) abuse of our system (usually reffered to as hijacking). Your account will automatically be upgraded two weeks after you have registered. As an alternative you may share a receiver to get your account upgraded immediately.

Sharing a receiver

  • How can I share my receiver?
    It's very easy to share most computer-controlled radio receivers with the world. Just go to the 'Share your receiver' page (you can find a link on our homepage) and fill out the required information. After that, you're taken to the software downloads. The software should be very easy to install on most operating systems. When that's done, make sure your receiver is connected and try to contact a GlobalTuners team member by e-mail (to or the Global Chat. Please specify the serial port number, baud rate, CI-V address and soundcard name, if applicable. The team member will then configure the server software and your receiver is online!
  • Is it possible to share multiple receivers from one computer?
    Yes, this is possible! Just follow the normal procedure, but make sure to install the software for the second receiver in another folder on your computer (change the installation path to eg C:\Program Files\GlobalTuners 2\). Also make sure to specify a different port number in the first step of the procedure.
  • What do I need to share a receiver?
    First of all, you need a radio receiver. Preferably one with a computer interface (see 'Which receivers are supported?'). You also need the proper hardware (usually just a cable) to connect the receiver to the computer, and, usually (the only exception being the Icom PCR receivers with USB port), an audio cable to connect the audio output of the receiver to the audio 'Line in' connector of the computer. You also need a computer with one of the supported operating systems (see below) installed. And, obviously, you need some kind of internet connection.
  • What operating systems are supported?
    Our software has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and some other Linux distributions. In general, all windows versions starting with 2000 and all recent (kernel version 2.6) linux distributions should work. An important requirement is that the operating system supports the computer's serial port and soundcard. On Windows, the soundcard must be available through DirectX (all decent modern soundcards are), on Linux, the soundcard must be available via the OSS driver (/dev/dsp device).
  • Can I restrict access to certain frequencies?
    Yes, it is possible to restrict access to certain frequencies. In some countries, for example, it is not allowed to listen to law enforcement transmissions. In such cases, it is possible to block these frequencies. If you need this feature, please contact us via the support system.
  • About bandwidth usage
    We have some techniques to minimalize the bandwidth usage by our system. We have a so called 'Relay' system - which basically means that most of the internet traffic is sent through our systems instead of yours (this also helps to work around most firewalls). It is also possible to only use the Low quality audio stream to decrease the bandwidth usage even further. In a worst case scenario, your internet connection would be processing only about 5 kilobytes per second, and only as long as someone is listening!

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