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Message from WDLC at Thursday, 19-Apr-12 17:32:11 GMT
Also nearby stations to check on the AM band are 810 WGY Albany, NY 50,000 Watts, WGHQ 920 Kingston, NY 5000 Watts, WWLE 1170 Cornwall, NY 1000 Watts, WGNY 1220 Newburgh, NY 10,000 Watts, WELV 1370 AM 5000 Watts... Hope the new AM antenna improves reception for these AM stations. I hope the new node can have a bandguide as well soon. Thanks Bob.
Message from erwin969 at Thursday, 19-Apr-12 22:06:50 GMT
It's a pitty that the tuner is too far away from NYC to pick up some FM signals from there.
Message from Ivo at Friday, 20-Apr-12 11:45:21 GMT
@robertr64, a common way to cut the ground connection without modifying the power supply itself, is to use (or perhaps better, construct) a power extension cord, with the ground wire cut. But please consider this only if you know what you're doing - touching the wrong wire will result in dangerous situations and even if you do it right, your laptop power supply will be grounded through your audio cables and your radio, which may not be desirable.
Message from henk at Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 17:23:18 GMT
Hey hello your audio is not working can you check the audiosettings on your pc?
greetings Henk Dokkum dx
Message from robertr64 at Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 18:48:10 GMT
It should be ok now, had a brief power outage.
Message from vitesse at Wednesday, 25-Apr-12 02:33:01 GMT
If you have a ground loop problem, I ad sucessfully "solved" this problem with a audio noise supressor made by pyramid. here a ling to a picture:

I think they sold this for car audio. it's always better to repair or fix the real problem, but I used that for almost one years on my node with sucessfull result.

I had no time to really try your node, but will eventually have free time to play with it. By the way thanks to bring this excellent receiver online.
Message from WDLC at Monday, 30-Apr-12 14:37:35 GMT
Bob, is still getting a audio problem sometimes when his node tunes a weak signal to strong signal...The problem is his node loses audio sound when this happens...he told me this...

if anyone can suggestion a solution to this error he gets...

I posted in the support forum a couple of days ago re: the audio problem, but didn't get anything yet. It comes up with a PHP error:

Home Page empty block 6
A fatal exception has occured while processing your request.
The error message was: PHP - Unhandled exception: User does not exist: '46509'
The error information has been sent to the webmaster and will be investigated.
If the problem persists, you can contact the webmaster by e-mail.

when displaying the forum entries, so I'm wondering if everyone saw it. I'm pretty busy this week so won't be around always to manually reset the volume on the radio, but it seems ok now; had it off while American Idol was on as the TV creates a bad buzz on AM.

Last edited by nycradio at Monday, 30-Apr-12 23:10:32 UTC
Message from Ivo at Monday, 14-May-12 11:43:27 GMT
vitesse, I thought of that too - but would it be sufficient? The RS232 connection also has a ground wire, and may still create a ground loop... but at least it's not *in* the audio feed anymore.

nycradio, the forum problem has been fixed. It was caused by some unexpected combination of events...

Message from robertr64 at Monday, 14-May-12 12:48:32 GMT
It seems to be related to the volume control on the receiver. If I have it set just right, I don't see the lost audio as much.

I'm thinking of switching and getting a Perseus later on; has that one been ok with GlobalTuners? At least that might resolve the RS232 issues with noise from the adapter.

Any way to disable CW on the tuner for this model? It results in no sound, as I don't have the special filter installed on the ICOM. On the other hand, the ICOM does support a 2nd antenna for HF (500ohm slot) as well as AGC and noise blanker. Can the driver be updated to handle these?
Message from vitesse at Sunday, 27-May-12 23:22:54 GMT
If the icom r-8500 use CIV drivers we seem to have civ antenna switching capability, at least I can see it on my new node (Icom 706-mkIIg)

As for rs-232 I know icom pcr-1000 are picky about rs232 to usb converter. The one I had for my node that I operated from hotel in vacation (Gaspesia node here if some can remember) was unable to properly give S-meter value and was sometime making tunning error. With extensive search I had found this was a common compatibility problem with icom receiver.

We already had many node operating with and perseus-SDR, but have never operated nor tested a node with this radio, maybe IVo or someone from the team can comment

Has for antenna I had great success with amplified loop from wellbrook communication. would still have success if I had not a tower crash :( They are expensive, but they work as intended. This is the kind of antenna I qwill get back as soon as I can for general HF coverage on my hf node. That kind of antenna work inside or outside.
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