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Message from robertr64 at Thursday, 04-Dec-14 14:37:17 GMT
I'd be interested in direct tuning, but don't want to lose AM or HD capability. Will this work in that case? The IR remote can be a bit fragile when someone cleans the area nearby. A couple of other software mods I'd like

- HD4 access, there aren't too many of these but at least one in NUC
- HD tuning without interfering with adjacent frequencies; For instance, when I had the Poughkeepsie receiver, there was an HD1 and HD2 on 98.9, but we also had a 98.7 in New York City that could sometimes be received there. If I selected 98.7, it would take me to one of the digital channels instead of the NYC one.
Message from oregon-dave at Saturday, 13-Dec-14 04:10:12 GMT
The tuning of fringe HD stations is very flakey with the current IR system. :(

On another HD note, I have a TOSLINK optical digital output from the XDR working (only for HD stations). It completely bypasses the XDR's DSP section so you can use an external DAC.
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