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Message from Ivo at Friday, 24-Apr-15 15:43:56 GMT
After some optimization of the software we recently got a pretty good result with just the GT software running on an overclocked Raspberry Pi (1GHz). The rtl_fm software is no longer required. With the Raspberry Pi 2 and the BananaPi we have even more powerful boards. It would be interesting to see how much we can squeeze out of their multi-core processors.
Message from Ivo at Tuesday, 16-Jun-15 18:20:43 GMT
We have had some limited success with SDR reception on a PI, but it's generally too weak.

An overclocked PI got close to continuous decoding. An overclocked PI2, or other faster/multi-CPU-core PI clone may just be fast enough...
Message from bristolpirates at Thursday, 21-Jan-16 22:23:23 GMT
Having had my SDR Play online for most of the week, there is an issue with SDR Sharp that means users will sometimes end up tuning to the center of the display where the IQ spike is, and if they tune up or down too far they will end up at the edge of the display where there is no signal (or a corrupt signal if using an RTL dongle).

The way around this, and this is how I use SDR Sharp myself, is to put the tuning selector somewhere between the middle of the display and the edge so that you have the good signal, and then only scroll the display left or right to tune.

Is this possible via the plugin? i.e. is there a way to make SDR Sharp change the IQ frequency (which will not be the same as the desired tuning frequency), then set the actual selected frequency at a pre-defined distance away from the IQ.

Currently, I've found a partial way around the problem by using only 600kHz bandwidth which gets rid of the curves at the edges of the display, but this still has the problem of landing on the IQ spike and seems to produce more images and reduce reception clarity a little.

Here's a video so you can the curves where the signal drops off at the edges of the display -

The IQ Spike is reduced and buried under a strong signal in the video, but it does have a slight effect on the reception at that point.
Message from Ivo at Monday, 25-Jan-16 20:36:13 GMT
bristolpirates, I have modified the software to maintain the offset from the center when tuning. You can install the new software using the Upgrade link on the receiver info page. That should fix the center/edge tuning problems.
Message from bristolpirates at Thursday, 28-Jan-16 21:14:43 GMT
Thanks Ivo :)
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