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Message from crainbebo at Wednesday, 09-Dec-09 02:56:57 GMT
That's good news!
Message from crainbebo at Wednesday, 09-Dec-09 02:58:45 GMT
Also, after 120 seconds, I still don't tune away if no response. The person may be having a bathroom break or something, and then when they come back, it will be a completely different station.
Message from RX-Hogger at Wednesday, 09-Dec-09 15:08:17 GMT
Current modern skin version looks fine, well done.

Only these questions: Could you please add a hint of colour to the upper right end keypad buttons (simmilar as the previous version) and within the keypad could the "ENTER" button please be again in a greenish colour and also the "CE" button in a reddish colour once again?

Thanks & 73, AMFMLIST
Message from vitesse at Thursday, 10-Dec-09 01:07:30 GMT
Thanks for this great work Steve. As per usual this is a great work, well done. I really like the colour and layout of this one. The may I tune fonction is really great too, it can only help.

Luc Brosseau
Saint-Jean Nodes.
Message from Calico at Thursday, 10-Dec-09 13:39:33 GMT
Just came back home from recreational trip, got computer on, looks lush !
It still works fine with Skyfire and mobile phone.
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