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Message from wa6bef at Saturday, 30-Jan-10 18:49:54 GMT
Hey Tom, how do I access this "desktop" client you're talking about? As to the issue of squelch, I seem to remember that one of the earlier modern skins had an edit box where you could place a numeric value and have the squelch tune there.
Message from tkruczek at Saturday, 30-Jan-10 20:53:39 GMT
Message from wa6bef at Sunday, 31-Jan-10 00:38:30 GMT
Just downloaded the desktop app and all I can say is wow! Haven't ever had this much access to the equipment. If I had one concern it would be that I seem to have to disconnect and reconnect to get a different receiver. Also, can't get any joy from Atlantic DX. Otherwise, coooooool! Thanks for the app.
Message from Ivo at Wednesday, 24-Feb-10 22:59:35 GMT
I've added ? buttons to the JavaScript interface, which will allow you to directly enter any value for the IfShift, RfGain and Squelch options. If it's of any use, I can do the same thing for the Volume option.

It's great to read that the Desktop app works for you. The issue with Atlantic DX should now be fixed, as the operator has decided to upgrade the software. Reconnecting is just how the system works - but it could be hidden - do you have any suggestions on how to do this? Would it help if the receiver selection would pop up once you close/disconnect from a receiver?

Message from joeb at Monday, 01-Mar-10 15:11:46 GMT
all i can say is just amazing, agree with everything thats been said, very accessable works well with jaws. One question i do have, is when listening to a receiver it loopes back, it will say the last word 2 or 3 times before it carries on, is this a internet traffic thing or a problem with the client?
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