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Message from oregon-dave at Thursday, 11-Apr-13 00:59:21 GMT
Update: I got the IR Emitter working so the XDR is remote-controllable now.

For the XDRManager.ini file, do I just fill in the station call letters in the "Name" field for each frequency? Does "HD Programs = 1" mean the station is broadcasting in HD?

Name=No Name
HD Programs=0


Message from oregon-dave at Friday, 12-Apr-13 01:05:52 GMT
Another update

I followed the instructions from to interface the XDR to Seeeduino, including the 1K resistors in series with SDA and SDL. Enabled RDS in XDRManager. With Debug output enabled, it displays "DEBUG_Socket---> TXT No%20Name" every 5 seconds. Makes no difference whether the XDR is on or off, or tuned to an RDS/RBDS station or not.

I used an oscilloscope to verify there is digital data getting to the Seeeduino. It looks good, around 3.3V P-P.

My guess is this could be a serial timing issue since the Seeeduino 3.0 is a faster board but that's just a guess.

I'm using Digital Pins 2 & 3 for SDA and SCL respectively, and Gnd.

Anyone have any ideas for me?


Last edited by oregon-dave at Friday, 12-Apr-13 01:09:18 UTC
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