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Message from f4cmb at Sunday, 08-Nov-09 20:05:11 GMT
After more than 5 month offline (due to a move) i come back online and learn this trajedy.
Yes Pascal you were one of those people we can trust, always positive and ready to help.

We miss you, and we think a lot to your family.


Message from ElmarE2Kde at Sunday, 08-Nov-09 20:37:48 GMT
Hello together,

even if I do not know Global Tuners yet long and im of use, I would also like to pronounce Pascals family my deepest sympathy.

Because I work with the Red Cross and exactly can understand like one relative loses a beloved person.

My grandma has passed away this year on 2.7 at the age of 103 years.

I wish from whole heart that the Familymembers overcome this hard time of the grief.



Rest in Peace Pascal
Message from thedude at Thursday, 17-Dec-09 21:32:32 GMT
Very sad,i am quite sad to hear this...
Message from alexm35 at Wednesday, 30-Dec-09 19:03:38 GMT
I m very sad with this information,~I talked several times with Pascal a i normaly go to pass my vacations in belgium and he teached me a lot about belgium regions and frequencies.
Rest in peace man.

Last edited by alexm35 at Wednesday, 30-Dec-09 19:08:05 UTC
Message from thedude at Thursday, 20-May-10 09:38:38 GMT
Im so sorry :(

Please give my love to his family!

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